Custom Packaging

At Decowraps we strive to offer our clients comprehensive solutions for their packaging needs. Our design team is constantly following the latest design trends. Our customers’ satisfaction is always our main focus as well as providing quality products and exceptional customer service.

Apart from offering our extensive selection of products, we also offer our clients the option of creating a customized product specifically designed to fit their needs. Most of our products can be customized in size, print and material. We can create thousands of packaging solutions from a variety of materials and products such as sleeves, sheets, gift bags, ceramics, tin containers, picks, and more.

Digital mockups and physical samples are available for you to preview your customized product before it is approved for production, giving you the security and reliability that your final product will be everything you wanted. No matter what project you have in mind, our design team can work with you to create it.

Please contact your sales representative or any of our offices to start coordinating your custom projects.


Diecut Bag


Collapsible Box


Orchid EZ Wrap


Emily Flower Box


EZ Wrap with Handle


Molly Box


Gia Box


Box with Drawer


Skinny Hat Box


Olivia Carry Out

Production Process

Through exceptional design and innovation, we have added immense value to our customers’ floral programs around the world. Our proven process has allowed us to assure our customers that we stand behind our work, and if there are any issues, we will address them on our dime.


Decowraps has a variety of production capabilities available to help create the ideal packaging. 6 & 8 color printing, thermoforming, and manual crafts are just a few of our numerous production options available to create the best packaging solutions for your products.


Our printing capabilities offer 8 color flexographic and rotogravure printing, allowing us to print and create any design you would like.


Cutting sheets to your preferred dimensions.

Sleeve Sealing Machines

Used to provide a safe & durable seal for sleeves.


The process of gluing two substrates together allows versatility in your packaging options. Laminating with a BOPP film will give a glossy finish that prevents scratching or damage to the printed design, and also adds a barrier to protect against moisture. Or you can glue nearly any two substrates together to create a dual look (such as bleached kraft and brown kraft).


Used to pre-form paper and films, as seen in our Fastwraps.

Manual Crafts

We can offer our clients the flexibility in creating unique products that require manual crafting, such as Gift Bags, Prefolds and Picks.

Single Face Micro-Corrugating

Allows our clients to create square bunches that pack efficiently which provide bruise protection and reduce excess humidity & dehydration. They are manufactured with high-quality, bright white paper and customizable in material finishes, thickness, and printed design.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Label Converting Equipment

Allows for cutting and converting any label into a desired shape to create unique tags and labels that stand out. *Removable & permanent adhesives available.



Accents by Decowraps is focused on offering customized, exclusive and unique solutions for upgrades to our floral and potted customers. Since our creation in 2010 we have gained expertise in sourcing hardgood products such as picks, glass vases, ceramics, biodegradable, zinc and woven containers. The options are limitless!

Our mission is to offer on-trend designs which are tailored to your specific needs and capacities while meeting your target prices.


  • Custom-made solutions
  • Product innovation
  • Competitive prices
  • Dedicated quality control during production
  • Flexible product consolidation from China, Vietnam, and Mexico to your door
  • Customized service

We are proud to be partners with some of the finest and most reputable factories in China, Vietnam, and Mexico. We can create custom designed containers in a variety of materials to provide you with the flexibility to incorporate any of our other packaging, thus allowing you to create a truly seamless and coherent packaging program.

In addition, our collection of picks accentuates your flowers and plants and set the tone for a specific holiday or season. Our relationship and dedication to our clients has always been at the heart of our success. It is because of this that Decowraps has built a reputation as an industry leader in upscale and innovative quality products.


A UPC stake and sheet closure, the elastitag includes everything you need all in one product! Tags can be printed through thermal transfer printers to add variable data such as date codes, bar codes, prices or sequential numbering. Tags are perforated side to side for easy tearing.

Elastitag products can be printed on the front and back panel to optimize print needs. Various size loops and tags are available to meet your needs. Artwork is customized upon request.


Microcorrugated Sheets

Microcorrugated Sheets are designed to protect roses during transit. It’s made of 100% environmentally friendly paper and can also be recycled. Our paper undergoes a special process through which a humidity protection varnish is applied.


  • Designed with the highest quality inks.
  • Availability to produce a wide array of sheet dimensions.
  • Different material finishes and thicknesses available to meet your needs.
  • Designs can be customized.
  • Graphic design services are available.
  • Guide line 5 cm from the top edge of the sheet can be printed upon customer request.
  • Packed by 200 pieces, protected by thick shrink plastic.
  • We offer the option of laminating corrugated sheets. This gives them a higher resistance to humidity and increases perceived value.